Anime Club Welcomes Fans

Gabriella O'Brien, Reporter

     Do you enjoy anime and/or manga? Join the Eisenhower Highschool Anime Club!

     In our club, we watch and discuss everyone’s favorite anime or manga together. The club is full of great people with Shawn W as the President and Gabby O as the vice president.

     We have weekly meetings where we review the previous anime after which we vote for the anime to watch next week. These meetings take place every Thursday!

     There are many different activities to do in our club’s discord. We have multiple organized channels for discussion, memes, gaming, emotes, debate, and even minigames. Every so often, a member will stream the week’s anime in the Anime VC!

     All around, it’s a lively time we use to discuss something we enjoy and have fun with. Listen for intercom announcements regarding information on special events and other news. 

     We hope to see you the next time a meeting is being held, bring a friend!