Ashely Almazan, Staff Reporter

Aries: What do you think about letting go of a grudge, Aries? Mars enters your Scorpio – ruled intimidating zone on Saturday encouraging you to let go of defense mechanisms in order to reveal the deepest, most meaningful parts of you :)! 


Taurus: There’s a difference between boundaries and walls, let loose a little, Taurus! Venus and Neptune want you to approach romances like they are friendships, admire your partners like you admire your friends. Saturday enters your Scorpio ruled romantic zone. Be open to learning more about yourself and exploring life from a new point of view!


Gemini: Being a hopeless romantic is a skill Gemini, Mars enters your Scorpio-ruled wellness zone on Saturday, pushing you to practice and commit to mental, emotional and spiritual practices to heal yourself!


Cancer: Get your head out of the clouds Cancer, Mars enters your Scorpio ruled confidence zone on Saturday, encouraging you to be confident through your emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Focus on your self esteem!


Leo: It’s okay to feel emotional, Leo. Mars enters your Scorpio ruled emotion zone on Saturday, begging you to let yourself feel comfortable with feeling the full spectrum of emotion. It’s okay to have a tender hear t:)!


Virgos: Why is it so hard for you to trust, Virgo? Mars enters your Scorpio ruled communication zone on Saturday, motivating you to listen to someone other than yourself for once. Be open to engaging into the unknown!


Libra: Why is it so hard for you to let your guard down, Libra? Saturday enters your Scorpio ruled safety zone, letting you know that it’s okay to let people in. Try not to be so paranoid all the time! It’ll give you more energy!


Scorpio: Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Put your values into practice and it’ll make you more confident. Mars enters your sign on Saturday, making you more passionate and encouraging you to go after your dreams!


Sagittarius: Don’t feel bad for sharing your feelings, Sag! Mars enters your Scorpio-ruled closure zone on Saturday and will help you complete decisions. Let go of people that don’t serve you, the more space you create for yourself, the more the universe will give you!


Capricorn: Suffering is a sequence, Cap! Try working on communication to heal yourself! It’ll help you find closure. Mars enters your Scorpio-ruled leadership sector on Saturday, putting you in a leadership position among your friendships. Make sure you have more energy! 


Aquarius: Practice your values for once, Aquarius! Value your partners the way you value your friends! Mars enters your Scorpio-ruled motivation zone, giving you more energy for leadership and bravery to experiment and create new ideas!


Pisces: Relationships take responsibility, Pisces! Mars enters your Scorpio ruled expansion zone on Saturday, helping you to learn new strategies and explore new ideas! Make sure you apply them where you need change. Change is always for the better!