High School Law Classes Should be Mandatory

Guest Editorial

Jolynn Peoples, Contributing Reporter

     I truly believe that law education should be a requirement in the high school curriculum. Understanding the laws at least within one’s own country should be taken into consideration as being a requirement because it makes no sense for a country to release new adults into the world without knowing the basic foundation of the land that they are on. 

     For years now, people have complained that learning the hypotenuse of a triangle was a waste of their time and irrelevant to what they have faced in the real world. This includes many other advanced math and science techniques that don’t affect the average person’s real world situations. This conflict also aligns with the need of filing taxes to be taught in school as well.

      In addition, the percentage of crime rates could go down as a result of this change. Fewer people would be going to jail due to faulty incidences and the unauthorized abuse of legal power would be less effective. Our country could actually do right by its citizens and make this change to not only better our intelligence as a whole but also our future as well.