“Encanto” Enchants Audiences With Warmth, Humor, and Family Drama

Entertainment Review


Image Courtesy of Disney +

Disney’s “Encanto” casts a spell sure to enchant audiences with its catchy music, humor, heartfelt story about family and touches of authentic Columbian culture.

Jasmine Traxler, Staff Reporter

Title: “Encanto”

Available on: Disney+

Rating: PG

     Disney surprised us all with yet another family favorite. “Encanto” hit theaters Nov. 24,2021. The film’s soundtrack, written by Broadway superstar Lin Manuel Miranda, spread like wildfire across several social media platforms including TikTok. Disney+ added “Encanto” on Dec. 24,2021. Within a month of release “Encanto” became a household name known for its breathtaking story, and catchy verses. “Encanto” takes place in a small village in Colombia that is protected by surrounding mountains. Disney creators went above and beyond to make sure the film was as culturally accurate as possible from the architecture shown throughout the movie, down to even the smallest details like the embroidery on Mirabel’s purse she carries. 

     Disney animators made sure to show off when it came to the little details in “Encanto.” Over the years we have seen great improvement in Disney Animation, from “The Incredibles” in 2004 to “Inside out” in 2015, The improvement of graphics between the two is immense. However neither comes close to the detail put into “Encanto,” from the distinct curl patterns and hair texture, to stitch patterns on clothing. The film has also been recognized for its vast amount of foliage and nature scenes, including household plants and moss throughout the house along with mountain ranges and large rivers.


     In the film we see Tio Bruno a handful of times, or so it seems. Bruno actually makes an appearance over 10 times. Creators went above and beyond to hide Bruno all throughout the film. His first official cameo was during “We don’t talk about Bruno”. You can catch Bruno dancing to the song above Prima Dolores on the balcony, whilst she is singing with Mirabel.

     “Encanto” deals with family values and the pain of generational trauma, but with a light touch that is appropriate even for young children. The movie’s ultimate message is that families must work together and love one another, while still honestly acknowledging their differences.